Published May 4, 2020
Ever wonder how to get Alexa or a Smart Speaker to read your Client FAQs page? Learn how client FAQs are perfect fit for voice technology AND how you can get your firm's FAQs on Alexa for free.
Published March 11, 2020

In our earlier What is Tango Legal? post we discussed what Tango Legal is and who it's for.

Published March 11, 2020

If you're a new visitor to our platform you're likely wondering what exactly is Tango Legal? This post aims to answer that question plus a couple more. First, let's get to the basics.

Published February 19, 2020
Tango Legal is a natural language platform that provides a better way to find legal solutions online. With Civvis being accepted in both the Duke Law Tech Lab and LexisNexis Legal Tech Accelerator last year, it made us rethink what service is the public missing when it comes to access to justice.