Bringing the Legal world closer to Consumers

Tango Legal is a natural language platform that provides a better way to find legal solutions online.


Our free Natural Language Interaction (NLI) platform closes the gap between people seeking answers to their legal problems and the experts who can provide them. By offering features centered around logical, plain-language informationlocal resources, and legitimate sources, Tango Legal provides a new path to access justice.


Legalese is often confusing to people searching online for legal answers. We provide clear, logical information that helps Consumers quickly understand what legal services are available to them based on their needs.

Conversational Search

Our conversational search engine allows Consumers to search for legal services providers based on their everyday language rather than their knowledge of legal terminology.

Local Legal Help

We understand that most legal problems are local matters are local yet current methods of finding legal help online depend on complex algorithms, SEO, and even paid advertisements. Our platform allows Consumers to find local legal resources based on their geolocation.

  Vetted, Legitimate Sources

We partner with every legal solution provider to verify their business to make sure we can provide legitimacy or trust between their services and our users. Think of it as the ‘Tango’ stamp of approval to protect Consumers against unauthorized practice of law (UPL) and fraudulent business practices.

  Designed for all Devices

Justice for all begins in our platform's design. Usability is a priority to us. Our user-focused design works on any device and is ADA compliant to overcome challenges users may face if they have a disability.

  Affordable Digital Marketing for Legal Professionals

We've designed a unique marketing platform for Legal Professionals that provides an affordable and measurable approach to client acquisition and marketing.


We're on a mission to connect Consumers with trusted legal solutions.

Sam Tate

Sam Tate

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Mike Lotz


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